Pathway for Australia Permanent Residency

The 457 visa is the long-term working visa of Australia and is the favoured means among Australian employers looking to bring on skilled offshore talent, or individuals who want to work temporarily in Australia. The majority of temporary visa applications are 457 visas. The 457 visa program is demand driven and therefore uncapped and the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) who process the applications prioritise quick processing so that Australia Business Visa can access the skilled workers they need from overseas without delay through the visa process.

As a temporary visa program, the 457 visa allows applicants to work for up to four years for their sponsoring employer. While it is possible to change employers, any business employing an existing 457 visa holder must firstly be approved as a business sponsor and successfully nominate the position to be filled. It is possible to apply for subsequent 457 visas as long as the visa holder is working in Australia, but the program provides no protection in terms of remaining in Australian Immigration should the applicant lose their job with the sponsoring employer. Visa holders and their families have as little as 28 days to either secure and be sponsored for a new job or depart the country.

Many long-term 457 visa holders ultimately make the decision to remain permanently in Australia, and they will be pleased to note that the government recently announced reforms to provide a fast-tracked and simplified pathway to permanent residence. The advantages of converting to permanent residency from a 457 visa include the added security of knowing that they and their family members can remain permanently in Australia, access Medicare and other social security benefits and that a pathway to ultimately obtaining Australian citizenship is created.

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