Canada Federal Skilled Worker Visa Eligibility Criteria


                   Canada Visas

To qualify for Canada Visas , federal skilled workers choose to sign for Canada Federal skilled worker visa. The individuals who apply for this program can become Canadian citizens if they meet the required eligibility criteria. Based on the education, the skilled workers are given a chance to become permanent residents of the country. There were certain rules implemented by the country with respect to domestic immigration rules, laws and policies. Here are a few details about who can apply for federal skilled worker program.


Canadian Federal Skilled Worker Visa

Anybody who wants to live or work in any Canadian province or territory can apply for Canadian Federal Skilled Worker Visa scheme, provided they meet the required eligibility limits. Assessments for the skilled workers based on several factors, but the most important of these are- educational backgrounds and relevant work experience. Language requirement is also another important factor – having ample knowledge of English and/or French is a must.

There are several questions that come in mind, this guide can assist you in finding answers to all your questions. The federal skilled worker visa program is assessed based on the basic eligibility, minimum requirements and other factors.

Work experience: The applicant should have a minimum of one year continuous work experience (full-time or part-time). You need to serve the same occupation for at least one year. The continuous work experience counts only within the last ten years. There are other terms and conditions applied to this work experience that one need to satisfy to get their application under this category.


Canada Business Visas

Education: A Canada Business Visas , certificate or required credential is must. Or you are also eligible to apply under this scheme if you possess a foreign educational credential equivalent to a Canadian one.

Language ability: English and French are Canada’s two official languages. So skills in either of the languages can prove your language ability.

Funds: You must also prove that you have enough money for yourself and your dependents, and won’t use government funds to survive.

There are four types of categories, where immigrant application falls into, they are: family class, economic immigrants, other immigrants and refugees. To learn more about these categories and their eligibility criteria please contact Vmake Visas, the leading Immigration consultant services provider in New Delhi having experience with clients successful with Canada immigration.


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