Canadian Express Entry Program – 2015

hqdefault With the launch of Era 2015, The Canadian government also initiated an Era of Express Entry Program. It is expected to be a game-changer for Canadian Immigration services. The much talked about scheme was introduced on January 2nd, 2015. It not only raised hopes for skilled workers all round the world but gave them a systematic way of migration.

Everyone is in the queue waiting for their turn to explore this all new idea of immigration to Canada. The hopes are quite high. People are all excited. Below mentioned is the details as to how the new scheme proceeds.

Canada offers various immigration programs to invite skilled workers to migrate and work in Canada such as:

  • The Federal Skilled Worker Program
  • The Federal Skilled Trades Program
  • The Canadian Express Class Program

All these programs invite people to Canada for Permanent Residency, career establishment and contribution to the Canadian Economy. But Express Entry system has some difference: it allows employers to recruit their choice of employees as per their business requirements through a newly launched Job Bank, even before the applicants arrive in Canada.

Eligibility to apply for Canada Express Entry

Canada Express Entry program is for everyone: all skilled workers can apply under the scheme. Under Canada Express Entry a total of 1200 points will be allotted to the candidates:

  • 500 points for “core human capital factors” like age, experience (in and outside Canada), language proficiency, and education qualification
  • 100 points for “skill transferability”
  • 600 points for applications with a permanent job offer from a Canadian employer

Work Process of Canada Express Entry

  • The process works something like this:
  • An applicant submits a duly filed application
  • Upon meeting the points requirement, application will be put in Express Entry pool
  • Based on the score and ranking system, candidate receives an invitation
  • A candidate can submit an online application for PR
  • As per Citizenship and Immigration Canada, the process duration is said to be 6 months or less from the date it receives a complete application.

Canada Express Entry is an exciting opportunity for skilled professionals to migrate to Canada and permanently settle there.

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