Denmark Immigration Policy


Denmark is a prosperous nation and a land of opportunities for the aspirants looking for relocation to a destination that can offer stability in life and career. On the social face, this place has been designated as the happiest Country on this planet and its people are very much proud about it.

A severe shortage of trained people was found in various sectors. In manner to fulfil the widened gaps in the requirement of performing industry and employee availability it was important to push the Immigration Process Further.

With various occupations facing a drought of skilled and qualified workers, Companies are getting crazy enough to look out for employees out of their nation. To sustain the growth rate, the policy of not permitting any outsider was demolished and the government made Danish Immigration policy to satisfy the labour requirement. To encourage the flow of skilled aspirants into the nation, the government has provided a provisional entry permission that can take you to the permission of permanent residency and eventually the Residency of this beautiful destination.
The Immigration to Denmark Policy has been introduced in two parts.

  • Policy that directly invest in the labour market on basis of particular requirement of the employers. This program has been connected to a required skills points called positive list. Range of qualified stakeholder sector employers can provide employment to the candidates qualifying under the profession present in the positive list. There are certain conditions that must be fulfilled by applicants for immigration which includes their eligibilities. You also need to provide a work permit along with the residential permit to reside and work in the country on temporary basis.
  • This program creates a skill pool of the country. The selection of people in this category is done on the basis of a profile evaluation process.

The profile evaluation procedure involves searching capability of an applicant for the Local economy and their ability to enter the Nation and find suitable Job positions. The areas that are assessed include:

  • Applicant’s Age
  • Academic Qualification
  • Language compatibility in Danish or other Scandinavian language and
    English or German
  • Professional practice track Record
  • Adaptability capability

To acquire for a Permit to enter on the basis of the Green card it is important for you to score 100 marks minimum. In case you get selected on the basis of the evaluation, you are granted a permit for an entry into Denmark for an initial Time period of 3 years which can be extended for one more year. In the case of subsequent renewal you get a 4 year extension and eventually a permit for Danish Residency. Green card has turned out to be the most popular way to Denmark Immigration.

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