Why Consider South Africa for immigration?

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South Africa, the rainbow nation, is one the unheard country that is prominently moving closer to the peak for it to be considered as an immigration option.

The principle reason for it is that, South Africa is facing scarcity of skilled professionals; therefore to overcome the needful, the country welcomes skilled immigrants from across the globe to heighten their economy while bestowing them with host of opportunities in the direction of growth.

There are two types of immigration categories:

Direct residence:

This is issued to foreigners who have been on a work permit for five years and who have received a permanent offer of employment.

Residence on other grounds:

This category has been laid down for immigrants who have received a job offer and possess extraordinary skills or qualifications; who intend to set up a business, or happen to be relatives of a South African citizen.

Besides these, the government of South Africa, keeping in mind the present deficiency of skilled workers in various fields, launched the Critical Skills Work Visa which is issued to applicants outside South Africa, who are in possession of exceptional skills or qualifications that are limited in South Africa.

For applying under this category,

  • The applicant must prove his/her qualifications to fill up a position listed on the critical skills list.
  • The applicant’s occupation must be registered with a professional body in South Africa and must be recognized by South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA).
  • The applicant must have 3 – 5 years experience in relevant industry.

Benefits of Critical Skills Work Permit:

  • This visa allows immigrants to legally live and work in South Africa for a period of up to five years.
  • The applicant will not need a job offer on application and may apply for this visa without a job offer.
  • Under this visa the holder must secure employment in his specific field, for which this visa was granted, within 12 months.
  • The visa holder has freedom of movement between employers, provided that they always work in the occupation for which their visa was granted.
  • This visa also offers the bearer the option to apply for permanent residency in the country, subject to certain conditions.

Immigration to South Africa is a complex process, for which one requires aid of an expert immigration and visa consultancy service like Vmake Visas, where well-versed consultants can lead you to your path, while eliminating all your apprehensions.

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