Canada, the land of maple trees, has a fascinating number of Immigrants migrating every year.

Wondering why so?

Here are top 10 reasons stating why it happens to be most preferred country by immigrants across the globe:

  1. You can avail Better Education with several advanced levels of courses to opt from.
  2. Growing Job market of Canada provides ample Job Opportunities.
  3. Canada provides High Quality Lifestyle.
  4. Canada is a truly mul­ti­cul­tural coun­try with rich ethnic diversity.
  5. Canada offers supportive social security programs for immigrants and their families
  6. To top it up, Canada offers Unemployment benefits for six months.
  7. Canada is blessed with the largest reservoirs of natural resources and minerals.
  8. Efficient child-care programs and not to forget, pension plans to benefit from.
  9. Canada offers a corruption free environment
  10. Canada has one of the finest health care systems with     subsidized Medical plans for immigrants.

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