Providing an email id in your online visa application form is inviting Overseas Government Authorities to have further conversation with you via email.

We all know that electronic mailing is a great part in case of immigration applications.  Where letters from the side of international Government bodies can stretch from days to weeks, emails are instant.

BUT, what will happen, if your email gets lost or failed to deliver to Government Authorities?

Things to keep in mind when a Government officer sends you an email:

  • Always keep an eye on your spam or junk email box, and don’t set the same to auto content deletion mode.
  • If you don’t receive any mail from Government bodies in the required time duration, ask for an update via mail, stating your issue and save a copy of that email. This will keep officers updated that any email they send has failed to reach you.
  • Write a letter mentioning that you have not received any required information from Government Authorities.
  • In case your case got rejected, request reconsideration as no emails from Government officers was received.

Things to keep in mind when you send Overseas Government officers an email:

  • Be attentive while sending email to Government Authorities and use the correct email address.
  • Always check that the email was sent properly or not.
  • Check for “bounce back” or any other indication which says that your mail didn’t get received.

And whatever the scenario is always remember that it is important not to drown Government Authorities with emails, which can be disturbing for visa officers and further will affect your application.

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