Australia is one of the preferred places for international students seeking higher education, secondary studies or research courses. It’s worldwide famous universities and faculties, beautiful infrastructure, and range of academic courses, brings thousands of students Australia every year.

The education system of Australia offers huge career opportunities to overseas students; all you need is the correct visa to opt for post level study courses!

Postgraduate Research visa (subclass 574)

This particular visa has been constructed to allow the students to live in Australia and complete their postgraduate research for the doctoral degree in Australia.

You can be eligible to apply for this visa, if:

  • you have been enrolled in a doctoral degree


  • you have been enrolled in a masters degree by research

Benefits of subclass 574 visa:

  • Live and study in Australia
  • Your dependent family members can be with you in Australia (if he/she is eligible).
  • Work in Australia for full time after your enrollment in a doctoral course or master degree by research.
  • Eligible family members can work in Australia for fulltime post your admission in a doctoral course or master degree by research.
  • If you have started a preliminary course (like an ELICOS course) you with your family members can work 40 hours per fortnight before you get enrolled in masters or doctorate course.

In order to relocate in Australia you need to go through a lengthy immigration process. In case, you miss out on any aspect, it could lead to a case denial, which is the last thing anyone would want.

In this situation, guidance from a trusted Immigration Consultancy is important for a successful migration to your desired country. Vmake Visas is one such reputed immigration consultancy which offers quality services for immigrants seeking global immigration.

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