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Get the updated rules for Express Entry system. And know how beneficial it is for you.


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Congratulation to Mr. Bharat Paliwal and his family on getting successful Canada PR visa

Our entire team of Vmake Visas is very happy to celebrate the success of Mr. Bharat Paliwal and his family on getting Canada PR visa. We would like to wish him and his family good luck and successful life in Canada.

For more information on Canada Immigration contact our Immigration expert at: Vmake Visas
OR, want to know if you are eligible for Canada PR visa, get your Free Visa Assessment.

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Canadian Government initiates updated Criteria for Urgent Processing of Permanent Residence Cards

The legislature of Canada has made open its criteria for the earnest preparing of Canada permanent Residency cards. At the season of composing, an application for a perpetual habitation card takes an expected 41 days to prepare for another card, or 63 days for a reestablishment or substitution. Be that as it may, there are sure pressing circumstances whereby an individual may have his or her application for a card sped up.

The perpetual occupant card is the official confirmation that an individual is a Canada permanent Residency or inhabitant of Canada. Inhabitants utilize this little plastic card to demonstrate that they may enter and remain in Canada when coming back from another nation.

Keeping in mind the end goal to fit the bill for dire preparing of lasting living arrangement card, candidates must show that they require their card desperately (inside the following three months) for one of the accompanying reasons:

  • For make their very own trip because genuine sickness or the genuine disease or passing of a relative; or
  • To get business or to make a trip because of work prerequisites or opportunity.

Candidates must present the greater part of the accompanying reports to bolster their demand for pressing preparing:

  • A duplicate of confirmation of travel, for example, tickets or an agenda demonstrating the goal and dates they will travel;
  • A duplicate of evidence of installment for travel demonstrating the date, everything and the strategy for installment;
  • A letter of clarification demonstrating the explanation behind the earnestness;
  • Proof of the desperation (e.g., specialist’s note, demise declaration, or letter from boss).

Candidates may ask for dire handling when they present their application for Canada Permanent Residency card to the Case Processing Center in Sydney (CPC-S) or after it is as of now in process by reaching the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) Call Center through the IRCC Webform.

Probable Situations

Situation 1: The candidate is in Canada and has not yet connected for a Canada Permanent Residency card.

To ask for earnest handling, the candidate is required to compose “Pressing” on the envelope when he or she presents a total application for a Canada Permanent Residency card and incorporate the greater part of the reports recorded in the above area.

Situation 2: The customer is in Canada and has effectively connected for a lasting habitation card.

To ask for pressing preparing, the candidate must take after the means in situation 2a or situation 2b underneath, contingent upon the conditions of his or her case:

  1. If the application is not yet in process or does not show up in e-Client Application Status (e-CAS), the candidate must present another application and demand earnest preparing by composing “Pressing” on the envelope. The candidate should likewise incorporate the majority of the archives recorded above, notwithstanding a duplicate of a receipt of installment frame or electronic receipt for the application already submitted. The candidate is not required to make another installment.
  2. If the application is as of now in process, the candidates must contact IRCC through the IRCC Webform by picking “Demand earnest preparing of restoration or substitution card and have officially connected” under the Enquiry field drop down menu. He or she should transfer every required archive recorded above while presenting the IRCC Webform. The directions for candidates at the highest point of the IRCC Webform layout the rundown of archives required and additionally the specialized prerequisites to present the demand for pressing preparing.

Situation 3: The customer is outside Canada and not possessing a substantial PR card.

According to the current systems, the candidate can apply for a lasting inhabitant travel record (PRTD) to come back to Canada. Upon their arrival to Canada, the candidate may apply for another card.

Processing Details

Applications for lasting living arrangement cards where earnest handling is asked for (situations 1 and 2a) are initially surveyed by IRCC work force to build up that dire preparing prerequisites are met. Assuming this is the case, the application is then inspected for fulfillment. Applications that don’t contain every one of the reports in the agenda will be come back to the applicant with a note educating them regarding which archives are absent.

Demands for pressing preparing that are gotten after the application is now in process (situation 2b) are surveyed to figure out whether the demand meets the criteria to fit the bill for earnest handling.

Applications that are found to meet the criteria for pressing preparing and incorporate every single required report are set into the dire handling stream according to existing strategies.

Those that don’t meet the criteria are set into the consistent handling stream.

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Work visa V/S Permanent residency in Canada

Immigration as a process has evolved through generations, now there is no more waiting in queues, gathering all those documents and filling up heaps of pages. It has gained excellent success rate in the past few years due to the enhanced technology, better living standards, advanced education and work opportunities prevalent across the border.

Convenience right at your desktop screens is the in thing now, but one of the most important point to consider here is to make an informed decision before hitting that apply button. Now, how you going to do that?

Some common reasons of immigrating to foreign land are as follows:

  1. Travel, Visit family& friends, explore
  2. Higher education & research studies
  3. Working, Business or Investment
  4. Settling Down in Abroad Nation

According to a recent survey, among all these, the most common reasons for Immigrating to Canada are work and permanent settlement.

Skilled immigrants worldwide leave their native land and fly to abroad nations in order to earn a lavishing life for themselves and their family at a faster pace. Some want to make their lifetime savings in few years and return while many want to settle and establish their life.

But the toughest question lays which option to go for? Work Visa or Permanent Residency.

As there is a very minor line between the two visa options, many people get confuse with both of them and end up choosing the wrong path for their career plan.


The Difference: Work & Residency

The very idea of a Canadian work visa sounds appealing. With less paper work and short processing times this option when compared to a permanent residence visa is better. Hence which means, you can come to Canada faster.

Now as all humans do is – we see the shining gold above and not the melting lava inside.

People often don’t consider the temporary and inflexible nature of a work permit. Means, you would be limited to work for the same employer, at the same position until the employer relieve you from your specified services or when your work permit expires, whichever comes first.

Let’s say one of that happens, what do you do? You would have to run for a new job offer with a new employer and/or reapply for a work permit that might have chances of rejection.

So what’s the alternative here?  Permanent Residency Visa

Being a Permanent Resident you are allowed to live and work in Canada with the same freedoms as a citizen. Additionally, rights are also granted to your dependent family, which is not available with temporary work permits.

As a permanent resident you can be a nurse, doctor, engineer, anything or even an astronaut, the choice is yours!

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Successful Canada PR with Vmake Visas Pvt. Ltd.

Overseas Immigration has always drawn aspirants towards a successful career and a balanced life style. Since the inception of human civilization, Global Immigration has always played a key role in obtaining progress and constant development in a nation. Constant flow of skillful labor helps a country grow economically and move forward towards a better tomorrow.

Yet, due to stringent regulations and complicated procedures one feels fearful about moving abroad.

Let us share a success story with you…

Our respected client, Mr. Amit Pal Singh recently got his Canada Permanent Residency visa from The Canada Embassy. We are more than happy for his future and wish him all the very best for his journey ahead.

We would like to share his journey with you in order to provide you a glimpse on how we change your dreams to a successful story.

Mr. Amit Pal Singh has done his MBA and further hold a work experience of 7.5 years in Bank industry.

When we contacted him, he was clueless about the immigration process and its requirements. He wanted to immigrate to Canada but was not sure for its needs. So we requested him to visit our head office in Delhi and meet our immigration experts for once. Mr. Deepak the senior authority of Vmake Visas met him and explained about the whole process of Canada Immigration and he agreed to start his case with our company. During the whole time, Mr. Amit Pal Singh cooperated very well and we are glad to make him a part of our satisfied client’s chain.

Client Satisfaction is Vmake Visas’ only earning for which we work with true dedication and involvement from dawn to dusk. We are grateful to all our clients and thereby put ourselves up to build long-lasting relationships with them. The trademark we bear, imbibes of satisfied clients who have achieved success abroad with our association.