Canada –An Extraordinary Journey


Is the Maple leaf country has always been a dream destination for you?

It is, for most of the people who are looking forward to immigrate and settle down in a Profitable location that take care of their aspirations in terms of career, prosperity, stable life and a bright future. The economy of this country has been performing consistently over past few years due to which it has become the Most Desirable Places to Work & Live in the world.

Recently, a world renowned survey agency conducted analytical study to extract popularity of various destinations across the world. The objectives of this assessment study were to find out which country ruled the aspirations of the people and willing immigrants. The study explored a wide range of the respondents (that included 200,000 people) who are keen on migrating to more developed countries and destinations.

The results derived were not shocking at all instead they were quite predictable. Almost 77% of the respondents actually quoted a desire to choose Canada as a Place to Live and Work.

The reasons for the craving are several although some are prominent and have a lasting impact on the mind of the immigration enthusiasts. A recent analytic report by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) revealed that the Canada was performing well above the average in terms of good living standards and health index. The evaluation focused on areas like housing, income, health and safety in 36 countries, in which the Maple leaf country ranked at a very decent position. Some of the important points highlighted by the report include :

Levels of income – Canada is ranked seventh on household wealth and ninth on income scale. The average annual income of local inhabitants ranges around US$28,194 each post tax deductions.

 Accommodation – 90% of people are satisfied with quality of accommodations being available to them. On an average, a Canadian inhabitant has a house with all the needs and necessities.

Clean environment – Canada is ranked among the cleanest and least polluted countries across the world, i.e. 14th on pollution and 12th on water quality.

Medical care system – comprehensive health care net is biggest attraction that ranks Canada among most desirable places to work and settle. A free medical care support that is funded by the government is available to all the nationals and permanent residents alike.

The people living in this country are able to strike a good balance between personal and professional life. The weekly hours of work range between 35 – 40 hours per week.

Canada is something which has everything and anything for everyone !

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