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How to apply for Canada Permanent Residency

Immigration to Canada is abuzz with the launching of new Canada Express Entry on 1st January 2015. This program has been able to pull the attention of even the traditional critics of the existing Canadian immigration policy and they have also started following the developments with a great interest. We are sure that this scheme would surely prove to be a great success in near future as it is equipped and armed with lot of goodies and positive points that can make a lot of difference for a majority of applicants.

With the Express Entry in place gone will be the days of endless waiting for any reactions from the Canadian authorities on applications and frustration faced due to return of unprocessed application simply for sake of change in the visa policy. In the past, several beneficiaries of the migration policy have suffered sleepless nights due to lack of sensitivity shown by the bureaucrats at the CIC but as professed by the authorities everything is about to change.

Work Process of Canada Express Entry System

For the people following the global immigration scenario, the latest policy, i.e. Canada Express Entry is not an innovation of Canadian planners though it is unique in many aspects. The Express Entry program is inspired by already running Australian and Kiwi programs with which it shares many similarities, but still has a lot to make it look distinct from its counterparts.

The Canadian interactive platform would also rely heavily on a digital document called ‘EOI’ or Expression of Interest which would be created by willing and qualified aspirants. The EOIs lodged by the aspirants would be ranked and stored in the profile bank which later would be regularly sorted out on the basis of merit or other vital qualities and would be graduated to the next level for grant of permanent resident visa. The program would cover all the federal schemes including FSW, FSTP and CEC, some portions of PNPs and employment based work visa.

Requirements of Express Entry

The interested people would have to create and lodge their EOIs in which they would have to submit all necessary details regarding their academic qualifications, practical exposure and other details deemed critical in profile, etc. The profile submission process would complement a rating process in which the system would automatically weigh the profile in correlation to certain predefined criteria and allot marks to the profiles. The rating process would finally rank the profiles on the basis of marks obtained in the bank of profiles. The profiles would then be selected by the Canadian authorities on the basis of three strategies such as:

  • The highest ranked profiles would be selected on regular intervals by authorities
  • The profiles which have either:
    (i) An employment offer from a Canadian employer
    (ii) sponsorship endorsement from an interested state

On important aspect that should not be missed here is that to be deemed qualified for selection, the applicants would have to qualify for at least one of the federal schemes (FSW, CEC, FSTP).

The requirements for Canada Express Entry Program would also make it mandatory for the applicants to obtain two important document references like

  • A positive skills assessment advice on the academic qualifications would actually act as one of the essential evidences of applicant’s qualifications.
  • A language test report of an approved language test to evidence linguistic skills in English or French

The Canadian Express Entry would prove to be a very beneficial scheme for the immigration aspirants in many ways besides providing a chance to reside and work permanent entry into the country.

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